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(We're not related)

Vader goth

Dwieeb in his more handsome stage. (Dwieeb on left)

“His name begins with a "D"”
~ Captain Obvious on Dwieeb
~ Oscar Wilde on Pizza
“Why does Oscar always get all the glory?”
~ Dwieeb on Oscar Wilde
“I'm the juggernaut, bitch.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Nothing in particular.
~ Capn' Dwieeb on the World Wide Wenus Foundation
“His name ends with a "B"”
~ Captain Obvious on Dwieeb
“I want to nominate myself for a ban.”
~ Dwieeb on Wanting to nominate himself for a ban.
“How do I nominate myself for a ban?”
~ Dwieeb on How to nominate himself for a ban.
“Barney is my idol.”
~ Dwieeb on Barney

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Dwieeb's History

pie good ‎


Sightings of Dwieeb.

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