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nl-N This user is a native speaker of Dutch.
en-0 This user does not understand English and hates people that speak it because they're all annoying foreigners.

Courtesy of Disney's Vincent van Frogh.

edit Obligatory introduction bit

Well, you clicked the link, so either you are genuinely interested in Dutchy, or you got misdirected. Assuming the first (against my better judgement), Dutchy is the unimaginative pseudonym for a Dutch guy (get it? Dutchy?) living in the UK. And that about sums it up. No mystical insinuations, no elaborate nativity stories, and no clever plugging of pages. I apologise for any disappointments caused.

edit Contributions officially acknowledged to be written by the entity known as Dutchy

edit Pages Dutchy just had to stick his greasy claws in

None so far.

edit Awards that have been granted to Dutchy for his monumental contributions to Uncyclopedia

Watch this space...

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