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===Baby Baked Panda Parmesan Pasta=== (more...), it should be

===Baby Baked Panda Parmesan Pasta=== (more...)


edit Hey What Up My NAme Is Luke

all me mates call me durryman hence the username been sockpuppeting and changeing wikipedia for years i have dial up at home and just kept making new accounts but with site i dont have to what up now i can do what i usually do and get praised for it this websites the best anyways


Lucifer Dubya Beelzebub

“WOW MAN ,that hole time i was actually smokeing a joint”
~ Durry "SmokesAlotOfStuff" Duzz on Band Practice
“This morning when I got out of bed my foot hovered before It hit the ground, Hovered for a split second just like i was floating....I'm telling you...I Think I Can Fly”
~ Jonfan "The Island" FreshFucker on the time he got high huffing kittens
“Gosh Darn I Love That Stuff. Nothing Better Then A Big Black One On A Cold Day”
~ Rain "Touch Your Toes" Budha on Penis
“This Aint My House”
~ Durry "SmokesAlotOfStuff" Duzz on His Current Location

What Lies Beneath Is Possibly the most Heaps Sickiest band known to man. It is an experimental fusion of Death Metal, Black Metal, Gothic Metal, Emo , Punk, Jazz, Blues, Indie, Electronic, Rap....HAHAHA FUCK THAT, Metalcore, Deathcore, Deathgrind, Masturbating Quietly in a corner with a hammer?, Pop, Miley Cyrus Hating, Post Hardcore, Acoustic, Alternative, With A Stick Of Dynamite, Mexican Metal Band. This comes out sounding somewhat like 2 cats in a bag being swung around your head.

edit Origins & Name Meanings

Before the sucess of What Lies Beneath, the band went by the name JAK-22. It is said that this stands for "Just Another Katch-22" but in actual fact it really stood for "Jackingoff After Klass 22times". The name What Lies Beneath comes from the mystery About what lies beneath a Mans Penis. It turns out it was just a bunch of cheese

edit Band Practices

The Band Is famous for its band practices which often last for hours. It is however noted that their band practices basicly mean sitting around drinking and going to the nearest KFC .Back in the days of jak-22 the band found it hard to get motivated to have band prac's due to lack of or extreamly low libedo so they decided to take some horny goat weed supliments (an Aphrodisiac) turns out it didnt do shit and they still find it hard to get it up.

edit Band Members

Rain "Touch Your Toes" Budha - Vocals/Lead Banjo

Rain is the singer of the band and with his unique voice the band has risen to fame.He is a very famous Multi-talented Multi-tasker and he can sing play banjo,electric lead guitar ,electric triangle and conduct a three man wanking orquestra .was born to the notorious corner whore vicky mohommed and the bald headed freak his dad whose name we shall never speak.he legally had his last name changed becuase people kept mistakeing him for a terrorist. It is rumoured that Rain journied accross the land and tracked down all the teenage female pop stars and stole their voices. This leads to a Miley Cyrus /Hilary Duff/Some Black Chick/shannon noll /Vanessa Anne Hudgens type sound.

Jonfan "The Island" FreshFucker - That 4 stringed thing that sounds like ass

Jonfan is the bands b@55 player. While others were blessed with smarts or magic powers, he was blessed by the gods of Hyrule with the power to see through space and time using penis kenesis he has the power to project himself in the womens toilets in the fairground. His knowledge on the hit show "Lost" is also considered a super power. He knows everything there is to know about it. Also owns an ice cream truck and kindly gives out candy to children.

Durry "SmokesAlotOfStuff" Duzz - His Pots and Pans

Durry born in the year 27 A.d.was bitten by a vampire and is now emortal,He Bows down To only Satan Himself and anything alcoholic,He is known for his magic ability to break the space/time continuem with semi-lethal doses of Alcohol & Tabacco.He is also well known for his hallucinogenic propertys,it is a well known fact that if you slice of a peice of his flesh and eat it you will begin to see pink elefants, lepricans, whitches hats and goblins n shit. but can also lead to heart failure, stroke, seizures, heart murmors, skin diesese , many types or cancers , lung cancers (if if inhaled), hair loss ,ganggrene, an addiction to masterbation, or possible even a girlfriend, He spends most of his spare time waking up in peoples drive ways, gardens & living rooms with no clothes or memory of how he got there.He once greened out watching a jessica alba movie with his hands in the air screaming ages old satanic rituals . He is the bands Official Rockstar Energy Drink Dealer & makes sure that every body is always High .

edit Albums

The Band Has released 3 albums as of 17/3/09. Their first album "How Do You Stop An Exploding Man?" broke through the charts with his singles such as "Ode To The Tough Cunts" & "Kevin Rudd ; The Milky Bars Are On Me". Their 2nd album "Death In Tight Pants" continued their rise to fame with more chart topping songs "Pure Hatred Of Customers" & "S-E-X spells Sex".

How To Stop An Exploding Man! (1892)

 1. Ode To The Tough Cunts (3:45)
 2. Ask Him Nicely(5:11)
 3. An Ugly Tee-Shirt (4:30)
 4. Damn, I Miss McDonalds  (1:48)
 5. Tangled (Pull yourself together!) (4:29)
 6. Scattered T-Shirts, Toilets rock (2:32)
 7. Born In a Pantry (3:18)
 8. Rotting Bread Is NOT Good (2:24)
 9. We Will all Ride Da Bus (2:47)
 10. Kevin Rudd; The Milky Bars Are On Me (6:03)
 11. Chunks of Meat That are NOT Bloody (1:51)
 12. A nose full of Coke(2:06)
 13. holy moley  (5:15)

Death In Tight Pants (1326)

 1. Hammer Smashed Cookie Dough (4:03)
 2. I Cum Fudge (3:42)
 3. Pure Hatred Of Customers
 4. Addicted To Sluts (0:11)
 5. Who The Fuck Put Me Here(3:02)
 6. This isnt Going to end well (4:05)
 7. S-E-X Spells Sex
 8. Rape Goat(3:57)
 9. Roasted Entrials (4:15)
 10. Post Ejaculation (3:37)
 11. Beyond The Cemetary Lies a Gravy Boat (4:56)
 12. Fucking little emo prick walked out infront of my car again (6:69

What Lies Beneath (2009)

 1. Its My Ass But You Can Fuck It(3:31)
 2. Getting the Mail (1:46) 
 3. To Decompose a Child, Follow These Easy Steps (3:03) 
 4. A Cauldron of Spaghetti Bolognese (4:59) 
 5. Beheading Unsightly Dogs (2:15) 
 6. I Ate Your Sole by Accident (2:48) 
 7. What Lies Beneath (3:36) 
 8. Taking It Pro Style(4:30) 
 9. Do Not Shatter Their Bones (Or you might end up in jail) (3:35) 
 10. Dirty Money To Pay For your Addiction to Cups (2:33) 
 11. An Unnatural Selection of Flavored Chips (2:22) 
 12. Nigger Hating & Me (3:49) 
 13. You Call It Premature, I call It Ecstacy (25:56)
 14. I Stole the Priests Flower (69:69)

edit Insperations

  • Guitar Hero Stars And Sluts Special Addition
  • Miley "whore' Cyrus ( aka. Death Bringer)
  • Satyricon (Norwegan Death Metal Band)
  • Kevin "The Milky Bar Kid" Rudd ( Australias Current Priminister apparently)
  • Satan
  • E=MC Vagina
  • Nigga Hateing Coon Bashing Hippy Democraic Communist Blast ended Homosexual METRO STATION

edit Hobbies

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