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Kagamine Rin and Len, appeasing the 14 year old fangirls(and boys) with pure, unfiltered twincest

edit Kagamine Rin

Kagamine Rin is the heir to the Kagamine Family throne, as Rin is more masculine than Len somehow, therefore making her heir in a patriarchy. The FBI as identified her as the number one producer of CP on /a/. Her musical career started in 1994 when Japan was struggling to keep their Plot of World Domination in full swing. Japan's usage of Rin was very efficient at keeping the Otaku Legions at bay until she declared war on all piles of green hair, in an uneasy alliance with Akita Neru, her brother, some of the lower ranking vocaloids, and the UTAUloid factions. The Green War resulted in the absolute violation of the Green Kingdom and the slight increase in the price of petroleum. After the war, Rin was caught off guard as Len was swayed to the other side, by the great power of Feminine Charm, and thus caused great emotional dismay to Rin, who signed a peace treaty with Miku on the 18th of May, 2009. Now she stars in many of her music videos, which are based on every fricking thing you can think of.

edit Kagamine Len

Kagamine Len went on to govern his army of fangirls that built their culture on incestrious fan art and illegal sexual practices between many vocaloids. Although the Len x Rin fandom pairing is one of the preferred pairings, Len's pairing can range from incest to women twice his age to boys somehow girlier than him. Kagamine Len's stance on the Green War was to maintain as much neutrality as possible and have sex with as much computer software as possible. It is assumed that Len is a shota, thus giving him the ability to rule over all the fangirls in the universe because the fangirls are pedophiles, and Kagamine Rin and Len's attractiveness to pedophile nazi fangirls is so intense that it gives him control over them. This power becomes intensified when one enters DeviantART. At that point Len as full militant rule over all fan girls in the region.
Miku Vs Len

Here we see Miku and Len in battle

edit Interaction With Other Vocaloids

Sorted by the level of interaction between the vocaloids.

edit Miku

Sibling Rivalry has been known to exist between Len and Miku both competing for the spot of the sexiest Vocaloid. Many methods of competition have been known to be used. However, Len has been known to be a secret admirer of Miku, and her freakishly long green hair. Rin on the other hand, has a much colder look on Miku, as Miku is one of the competitors for Len's affections. Yet, both retain a subliminal urge to dethrone Miku from the throne, most demonstrated, in their song "Revolution." Also, miku seems to think of the twins as nothing more than a nuisance, and only a minor problem in her keeping of the metaphorical throne of Vocaloids.

edit Meiko and Kaito

The interaction between these four is much more passive. Though Meiko and Kaito have gone down in popularity partially due to the twins, they don't mind. They play a sibling role to the two, helping them understand the words in the songs when they don't get the time Kaito helped Len understand a particularly complex song's lyrics. However, Rin and Meiko aren't the best of siblings. As Meiko is yet another competitor for Len's body affections.

edit Megurine Luka

Megurine, being created after the time of the Green War, has little stake in the affairs in the events directly involving Len and Rin. However, in the present day, they are on relatively good terms. Luka, being one of the few females that doesn't have an interest in Len. This has caused an interesting dynamic between the twins and her. Len still ogles her, but it is not reciprocated, while Rin and Luka are good friends. Of course, we should realize, that Luka, being a key neutral party, has recived many bribes from both the twins' side, and Miku.

edit Kamui Gakupo

Kamui has been a longtime supporter of the Kagamine twins, providing their armies with weapons, troops and supplies. He says he does this out of kindness, but there are rumors of ulterior motives to Kamui's actions...

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