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"Dudecow 101 is a guy. HE is a just a guy. I don't know why.....He is a guy" _ George Bush

Dude cow 101 lives in Il.HE is Michael Jacksons's prime suspect in the case of the missing PlayPervert and is the Cia's donut boy. He is some times seen walking around the Playboy mansion throwing stones and yelling "Give me the darn key!!!"

Even the Medical Journal said he is diagnosed(?) with Killthepaperboy Gietus.

He was last seen taking a cow, chicken ,moose, and Horse to Burger King and feding them beef.

He really likes sitting around and doing nothing but prank calling the F.B.I and telling them Binladin is on his toilet yelling "I just shot Cheney!!" The F.B.I will go to Cheney's house and find Cheney slapping Bush with a paddle.


DUDECOW101 strikes again!!!!


Dudecow is INSANE!!

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