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edit So Who is this "Dub-mass," anyway?

Dub-mass, a.k.a. The Pilcrow Pirate, was recently voted "Most likely to be the reincarnation of the inventor of the Spearmint candycane."

Pilcrow Enjoy it while you can, because soon the world of Grammatical symbols will be torn apart by nuclear war, and the Pilcrow will be in very short supply.
Man with wings This user supports the Kamikaze Lifestyle. See ya' in Hell!

edit Life and Times

Rvlvrdiagram This is a gun, and it will soon become your only true friend. Use it well.

Currently enrolled in Satire School, Dub-mass spends the majority of his time writting parodies, satires, and slightly obsene sonnets.He has also been known to dabble in the fine art of changing images in "photoshop" so they are funnier or more relavent to satire (see above).

Dub-mass has attempted to join numerous cults and country clubs in the past, but without any valid credit cards, all his aplications have been rejected. Through this, he has developed the bitterness and manic depression that is so desirable in satirical social groups.

Unfourtunately, there is no conclusive evidence that Dub-mass is not currently dead at the hands of Lord Wilton and his semi-sentient shotgun named Roger, so there really is no use attempting to send him naked pictures of yourself. (unless you are considered by your peers to be "smokin hot")

edit Syphillis Turnpike (works in progress)

User:Dub-mass/MySubPage-this is going to become the page for Erich Schlosser, the author of numerous disgusting books about nasty crap.

User:Dub-mass/Hu-People work In Progress- this is a part of an Article that will be completed soon, and I will also create articles for the Congressional Witchcraft and the U.S.C.A.G., just be patient. I've got some great ideas for these.

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