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Hu-Person "Human" was deemed to be politically incorrect by the Supreme Court of the United States in a surprise Blitzkrieg-vote session held at midnight on October 31st (see Congressional Witchcraft) 1998. The decision was finalized when the Justice Sandra Day O'Connor proceeded to first bitch-slap, then castrate all the male Justices (as well as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg) after Antonin Scalia forgot to vote on the issue for the 9th consecutive time.

As part of the decision, every occurrence of the word "Human" in government documents was to be changed to the new, politically correct term, "Hu-person." Also included in the judgment was a mandatory six month long "Diversity Training Course" that every Government employee (including but not limited to: Senators, Representatives, Governors, Mayors, Knights of the Round Table, City/County/town council members, public school teachers, sanitation workers, Secret Service agents, etc.) must complete if any evidence existed revealing that the person in question had used the word "Human" in the past.

Enforcement of the decision is provided by the United States Congressional Assassins Guild (U.S.C.A.G.), which is granted the power to legally impose heavy fines, torture suspected "word-ban" violators, hold suspects indefinitely without trial or attorney, and summarily execute anyone who gets in their way.

  • to be included: links to Supreme Court article, links to Sandra Day O'Connor, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and Anton Scalia articles, link to Knights Of Round Table article, link to my U.S.C.A.G. article, link to my Congressional Witchcraft article.
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