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edit Stats

Last I checked, at 3:00 PM EST on November 9, 2007, I:

  • had 48383 points
  • completed 160 WUs
  • was 8th place in the Uncyclopedia F@H team
  • was 44545th place out of 841856 (all F@H users)

edit My Boxes

Currently, I have three machines running F@H, two of which are always on.

  • PlayStation 3
    • F@H always on, except when I'm gaming
  • Server
    • AMD Sempron 3100+ (64-bit) 1.8 GHz overclocked to 2.384 GHz
    • 512MiB RAM
    • Always running, F@H always on

edit Links

Folding@Home Home Page
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