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An Orwellian society, is a Utopic society, named in the honour of popular children's author George Orwell, who first envisioned such a society. The concept was rapidly adopted worldwide as such a society features the lack of poverty, political apathy, crime, discrimination, hatred and heirarchy. At present, only some nations have achieved the admirable status of having an Orwellian Society.

edit Histoy

George Orwell, after writing his highly acclaimed and bestselling story for pre-teens, Animal Farm, he decided for his next book, he would write in the more challenging genre of philosphical writing. It is believed Orwell was heavily influenced by past writers Thomas More, Oscar Wilde, and Plato. He penned 1984 three years later. Suprisingly, the book was a bestseller, and worldwide, politicians, world leaders, and others with any semblance of power rapidly adopted its concepts and began working towards such a society. The UN also championed the concept.

edit Definition

Although 1984 presented an Orwellian society in narrative form, in private letters, only recently made public,

edit List of Orwellian Nations

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