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Well,well,well,this is very surprising!I've never seen such a thing! *cough* Sorry,I was talking about my broth - er,something else.Anyway,greetings everybody!My name is Dran,a.k.a Dran the Third,a.k.a Richardson,a.k.a Dran the Second,a.k.a Dran the Stupid,but that's a long story. I found this "silly" website after seeing one reccomendation of it towards another member of Wikipedia.Guess who it was suggested to?Ha,not me. I'm sure I'll be enjoying my time here,which will be approximately 1,000,009,001,005,678,000,990,700,002 minutes and thirty seconds.I hope you all a great time :)

- Dran 05:32, 14 July 2007 (UTC)

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