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edit Basic Review on Runescape

Runescape-map [1] Runescape is a based MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) where people all over the world are playing. It has an age requirement of 13, but is dominantly played by balding middle aged men and bicurious older teens with less than attractive features. Here you will battle monsters, do quests, discuss techniques and have a fun time. If you want to get more features, you may pay a monthly fee of 5$ to get more map space, more weapons, more quests, and more skills to improve. But the major craze in Runescape is making and joining clans!!

edit Runescape Clans

To many people in Runescape, not being in a clan is like not wearing anything when you go out in public. They think that you have no backbone. No one is there to support you. And in some views, that is correct. However, people IRL will think, wow that kid is smart enough to not actually care so much about a shitty game that he would actually waste enough time to join something as gay as a Runescape clan.

Types of clans:

Skill Clans: Clans that work on helping each other gain higher skills.

War Clans: Clans that are constantly battling other clans in the wilderness, castle wars, and or the duel arena.

Fun Clans: Clans that try to get as many users as possible and then go on drop parties, PK (Player Kill) Trips and hold many contests for prizes.

edit Joining a Clan


If you want to be in a clan, don't just go to the nearest bank in the game and start asking people, it takes a lot of work.

If you want to join a clan, it isn't how you find the clan, its how the clan finds you. If you find a clan in an old deleted file on Google, you might not want to join it. But if you find a clan on a website advertising top-notch clans... OBVIOUSLY SAY YES NO MATTER WHAT, because not everyone knows how to write "TOP NOTCH CLANS". If someone comes up to you in an in game bank and asks you to join their clan, the best bet is that they haven't even got the necessities down to making a clan since they're asking you weak ass. If this happens to you, SAY NO! Also if some level 3 comes up to you and says, '"You want to join my awesome clan?"' say no again!!! Unless you're level 3 and still have somewhat of a chance at life.


Many clans will have a website or forum that is almost impossible to navigate. Keep on going if you know this is a clan that you really want to join.

When you have found the clan that you like, look at the requirements for the clan. Many will have no requirements, but there are always some who want only the best people in the clan so they impose ridiculous requirements. IF you do not meet the requirements by only a little bit, join and then see if within the next two weeks you can meet the requirements. If the clan has a drop party and you show up 5 levels below the minimum requirements, you will probably be kicked off of the clan.

Once you have joined the clan, go onto the webpage/forum of that clan, and see what help you can do there. Then read these steps

1. Listen to any advice any of the more experienced members tell you, it might get annoying, but once you get to a level higher than them, you can ridicule them!

2. Try to post at least 10 posts a week; this will prove you are active and loyal to the clan.

3. Try to go to all the events that the clan is hosting. If you can't do that try to make 2 events every month.

4. Give respect to the moderators and most of all the administrators or (Clan Leaders). These guys can boot you with a single finger!

5. Never flame at anyone unless you have a really good reason too, like a mom insult or a harsh penis size insult. Remember: your penis is a great penis! mom says so! If you flame at them for saying that you are poor, you will have the administrators and mods on you as well as the other guy. Try to make friends with as many people in the clan as you can.

Follow those steps and you will become one of the Good members on the clan!

edit Starting a Clan

Now, if you are reading this just to pass the time, this section will do you no good.

edit Starting a Clan

This is one of the major steps in your Runescape life. When you start a clan, you must not only be level 60 and above (59 and below is NOT acceptable, grues will rofl and eat you). But you must get many people in other clans to know and like you. Start in the original clan you are in, keep on posting and advertising on the website of that clan and put a link to your clan in your signature. You must get many friends in the game that you can know and trust will keep your clan going when you are gone. You must get a website and/or forum for you to communicate with your fellow clan members. You must get a lot of free time.

edit Naming Your Clan

Have you ever heard of a clan with no name? NO??!! Well, then you don't get out much. Naming your clan is an important step that many people overlook.

Don't name your clan "n0 n008z w3 ki1 n008z." Name it something heroic or strong sounding like DRAGON SLAYERS! Or perhaps DRAGON DICK SUCKERS!

You must do research tho, naming it something that another clan is already named could cause problems. Also see if there is anything else on the web with that name. My buddy started a clan called DRAGON TALES (he is obviously gay) and when I typed in it came up with this 3yr old tv show; I expected that to not be taken! BE CAUTIOUS Here are three catagories you will need to name your clan

1. Original= Make it something that no other clan is named or you will have problems.

2. No Abbriviations= Refrain from using abbriviations like h8, y, u, ect... ect...

3. Short= Don't give your clan a 10 word name. Give it a 1 or 2 word name.

4. Make sure DRAGON is SOMEWHERE in the name, otherwise, you will never be leet. People will mock you.

edit Leadership

You MUST be a good leader if you ever want to survive. You must be tough, loyal, and nice. You must stand up for yourself and your clans rights. If you want to maul anouther clan. Yuo must lead your troops into the battle. YOU must encourage them, support them, and heal them when needed. You must NOT to these,

Get Bribed= If you get bribed to give a member of your clan a higher rank, they and everyone else will NEVER respect you and never be in a clan that you are a part of.

Don't give in to Praise= If any of your members ever try to praise you by spamming your pm with love notes, it is time to stand up. Demote them or tell them to stop that. YOU MUST NOT GIVE IN TO ANYTHING THEY SAY!!!

Don't over Rule them= Don't lower their rights too much that they revolt. They will literally go bad. They will hate you. Belive me because I led a revolt on one of my old clan leaders. All his members left and he left too. His clan was called Blood Oath. Good Name, Good choice of members, TOO POWERFUL!!!

edit Clan Economics

Economics are a Big part of making a clan. Without economics, you will not have a sucessful clan. You will have nothing to do in the cna but pk-ing and wars. And the people in your clan will get tired of that. Ranks have alot to do with economics but I will get to that later. You must have certin jobs in your clan like HEAD MINER, GENERAL, HEAD CRAFTER, ect... ect... You have to keep a certin air in your clan that something is always happening. A head miner can instruct all the other miners in the clan on how to get better. He can lead expaditions with other members to make weapons, armour, and other things for the clan. The job of a head crafter is pretty much the same thing, they can make bow strings, amulets, enchanted rings, ect... ect... The job of a general is self explanitory. You must keep things in your clan running. Always have something for your clan members to do!

edit Ranks

To be added!

edit Starting a Clan Forum

If you want to start a Runescape clan, you Must Have a Forum! Forums help you communicate with your members. They help you tell your members about upcoming events, address concerns, and have a meeting place to just talk with other players. Some examples of a template are Dragon Beast or Dragon Claws Go to one of the free forum sites like or You can also search “free forums” on to see if you can find a better site.

Things a clan forum needs:

  • Homepage
  • Dragons
  • Catagories and Forms
  • Member List
  • Ranking System
  • Calender
  • Some form of Communication (Chat-box ect.)
  • Portal would help but isn't needed.

Dragonfir731 00:21, 18 February 2008 (UTC)

Tip has all these features and is free

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