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Drackonis, or Drack for short, was created, like many other Gods (such as Formina) at the End of Time, unlike most other gods he managed to travel back in time to the Present and immediatly started a career as an Evil Diety, raising a Monkey in his own likeness to be his slave and servent for ever more.

Little is Known about Drackonis, but what is known is truly amazing, from his journey to the forgotten lands of Austria, to discovering a cure for Old People and even the occasional Uncyclopedia article in his spare time. Read on...

edit Articles

Drackonis has written the following highly acclaimed articles:

edit Drackonis

Obviously detailing the history of Drackonis in all its greatness. Or at least it would if the article existed. Stay tuned!

edit HowTo: Survive a Zombie Outbreak

While Drackonis cannot claim full credit for writting the entire articles, he can claim credit for writting the a damn lot of it.

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