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edit Who is Dr. Wilder?

Dr. Wilder is a unique individual who should not be taken lightly. Furthermore, he is me, and I happen to like me very much. Maybe a little too much. Maybe enough to caresse myself inappropriately as I drift to sleep. Mmmm... Mmmmm... Oh yeah... That's the stuff.

edit Recorded Fandoms

Dr. Wilder has been known to be seen around the vicinity of the Phoenix Wright fandom. If spotted, please save his ass before he dies a virgin.

edit Problems with RPGs

Dr. Wilder doesn't trust turn-based RPGs. He feels he should be able to kick the enemy's ass at any given time and not be required to give his enemies the chance to fight back.

This is all a cover. He just hates them because he sucks at them.

edit Why should you care?

You shouldn't.

edit Wilder's Articles

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