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Cowboy monkey

GNFC Royal Monkey Corpsman

The Gay Nazi Fetishists' Club Royal Monkey Corp was started in the earlier part of this century to guard Hitler's prison in what would one day become Spain II: The Revenge

edit Founding

The GNFC Royal Monkey Corp was founded the same year as the Gay Nazi Fetishists' Club when the club ordered 6 Princess Mononoke DVDs. But due to a clerical error they received 6 Priceless Monkeys. The cast of Friends who founded of the GNFC were more than happy with their new monkeys and decided they could use the monkeys to take over the world.

edit GNFC

The Gay Nazi Fetishists' Club maintains the Royal Monkey Corp for both butler duties of it's members but also uses the Corp as a crack mercenary force . The Corp has fought in numerous wars and conflicts, they include:

World War I

World War II

World War What

The Nintendo Revolution

The Retreat from Spain II: The Revenge

Oval office gangbang of 2000

edit Retreat from Spain II: The Revenge

The retreat from Spain II: The Revenge was undertaken by the only people who Norris did not kill or keep for his race of super humans the GNFC Royal Monkey Corp. Had Chuck Norris not killed all the Monkey's masters before the Corp could attack they too would have been killed by roundhouse kick. The GNFC Royal Monkey Corp started the long dangerous trek through Spain where many Monkey Corpsmen perished at the hands of Siesta Raiders who violated Spain's Siesta Laws.

edit New Leader

Nazi monkey

The Outgoing Oberstgruppenführer Nick "The Greek" Hess

In two1000one Dr. Tobias Bergman Fünke Ph.D was appointed Oberstgruppenführer of the Corp and began the reorganization in response to the attacks of 9/11. Oberstgruppenführer Fünke had much work to do as the corp had been decimated by the Siesta Raiders and had gotten sloppy and syphilis after the Oval office gangbang of 2000.

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