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Dr Ottis Widlun Caive was born back in the eighteen hundreds. Due to a problem with the preagnancy his mother had only enough time to utter her first name "Doctor..." before dying. It has been theorised that perhaps she was calling the doctor in the hopes that he may have let her live, but seeing as Dr Ottis Widlun Caiv is not a doctor but still bears the name Dr, this cannot be so. Dr Ottis Wildlun Caiv's nameis somewhat mispetl; Ottis usualy only has one T, Caiv is spelt C A V E and Widlun isn't a fucking word. It was once theorised that this is because Caiv's mother was dislexic, but it is now known that Dr Ottis Widlun Caiv is an anagram of this user's real name.

When Dr Ottis Widlun Caiv says his nam he expects people to say "Dr Who." This is because he was brefly married to Dr Who.

Dr Ottis Widlun Caiv is a proud Australian and has an intese hatred of Chanel Ten. Mainly because their ads annoy the shit out of him, but also because of what they did to Torchwood. They fucking killed it, they really did. How much does that suck arse, they bought it right out from under the ABC and then killed it. They're gonna do the same wiht K9 and Sarah Jane adventures. If they buy Doctor Who i swear to god i'm gonna fucken flip out...

Dr Ottis Widlun Caiv has refrained from killing Chanel Ten because he likes medium and Rove. And a few other random shows that Ten happens to own.

Dr Ottis Wildun Caiv has a fascination with repeating his long and stupid name. Dr Ottis Widlun Caiv annoys people when he does that. Dr Ottis Widlun Caiv was last seen at Dr Ottis Widlun Caiv's house saying the words "Dr Ottis Widlun Caiv, Dr Ottis Widlun Caiv" Over and over again. Dr Ottis Widlin Caiv often repeats things. Dr Ottis Widlun Caiv has a fascinaton with repeating his long and stupid name.

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