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Dr Harry S Livingston

edit The Doctor

Dr. Harry S Livingston (simply called "The Honorable St. Rev. Dr. Emanuel S Harry Smitsonian Beaverlake Kettering Tea-Pot Hearken Ye of Noble Truths Waffle-Cake Sandpaper Livingston" by his lazy friends[all of which are large North American salamanders of the genus Necturus, especially N. maculosus, that live in damp regions and have conspicuous clusters of dark red external gills]) is a doctor.

edit The God

Dr. Harry S Livingston is the god of the sea, no matter what that pesky liar Poseidon may say. That's right, I said it! I'm not afraid of your wrath, Poseidon, I'm ready for ya!

edit The Loserly Nerd

This is not so much an aspect of the Dr. Livingston as it is just some ill-gotten rumor the pope-brigade made up...


edit Things Written by the Doctor

George Washington: the part about his home-life(first submission) :*)

What would Jesus do: first full-length submission, w00t

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