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Simon trying to solve a very difficult quest.

Simon The Sorcerer (born 1427) aka Majik Simon is famous for being the creator of the ImageMagick Toolkit.

He was born in MucSwampy's, a very famous fastfood chain, and grew up in a small cottage. Simon is 35 pixels tall, later when he got his magician hat, hew grea 3 pixels, including the hat that makes 48 pixels, that means the hat makes up 10 pixels (thanks to Mr.Math) with the age of 14 he moved into a city and spent his time reading Harry Potter, the sexually ambiguous magician.

Early career

One day he opened the door and there was a dog with some strange book in his mouth, Simon named the dog Chippy and threw the book into the attic. It didn't took long and Simon heard strange noises from the attic, he checked the attic ussing a2fsck -y and found a portal, which he intered, WOW! WTF?

Well, after experiencing Stargate-like effects, Simon finds himself in an other Dimension, bound to an altar and put into strange violet clothes. He was like WTF!? but managed to escape.

After a lot of jumping and running he hides inside the House of Calypso, where he finds out that he is the chosen, yea THE chosen (we all know that Neo wasnt THE chosen, because The Matrix is just a movie and all made up).

His task is to rescue Calypso who is locked up deep in the cellars of Alcatras, the hideout of evil Sordid!

“Morpheus, is this real!”
~ Neo on The Matrix
“Fucking Shit, Keanu is high again, fucking hide those pills, CUT! CUT!”
“The green or the red ones?”
~ The Stupid Assistent
~ Morpheus on The Stupid Assistent

Simon doing the Weed-Quest

The Adventure starts

Since the Manuscripts Of Simon got lost, the story ends here, ... wait, they were found again in a can of Pringles (WTF?), they are now getting reconstructed in the Adventure Soft Labs. This process is planned to be finished on Nov. 28th 2005.

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