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(What is a good article?: So you're attempting the impossible? I bid you good luck, fine yeoman, and offer you some suggestions on the way.)
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A good article is an article that has met certain criteria indicating it to be, as it were, good, and also undergone a series of rigorous scientific tests to ensure that it is an article. It must also have the correct paperwork to prove it is Uncyclopedian and not some sort of illegal immigrant that snuck over the border. It must also not be an in-joke, because as everyone knows, none of our in-jokes are funny at all, except for [[Uncyclopedia is the worst.

edit What is a good article?

A good article is—

  1. Well-conceptualized: Consistency is possibly the most important criterion for an article's quality. Even if the article's concept is in and of itself being inconsistent, the article has to be consistently inconsistent. Also, it should be more than random jokes thrown in here and there. A strong concept can override any other criteria if successful execution of said concept requires them to be ignored.
  2. Well-written: No spelling or grammar errors.
  3. Well-formatted: Contains a healthy number of bluelinks and isn't just a mound of text.
  4. Not stupid: Cannot fail HTBFANJS, and it must make sense to non-Uncyclopedians as well. Also known as the "no in-jokes" clause.
  5. Illustrated by one or more images.

edit What is not a good article?

  • In-jokes.
  • Disambiguation pages and other special-purpose pages.
  • Anything on QVFD or tagged with {{ICU}}.
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