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Video Game Wars


In Development

edit The Beginning: Hitler vs. Stalin

*DaFuhrer has entered the game*

*JosefOfGeorgi@ has entered the game*

DaFuhrer: o hi josef how u doin on #coldwar?

JosefOfGeorgi@: just lost how bout u on #worldwar2?

DaFuhrer: i lost 2

JosefOfGeorgi@: lets fite each other

DaFuhrer: k but change names first

*JosefOfGeorgi@ is now known as Stalin*

*DaFuhrer is now known as Hitler*

*Hitler strikes Stalin for 19 damage*

Stalin: hey i wuznt redy yet n00b!!@!!!!2!!1111

edit Enter Strz&Strpz

*Strz&Strpz has entered the game*

Strz&Strpz: wutz tihs new war of everything game?

*Hitler has left the game (stalin sux)*

*Stalin has left the game (hitler sux)*

Strz&Strpz: o grate tohse n00bz wer here dammit

*Hitler has entered the game*

Strz&Strpz: i thot u left

Hitler: just to get stalin to leev

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