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I am Dr. Gruesome, Ph.G (this has something to do with being a Gruologist). I also have created my own Video Game War, the War of Everything. You can join it.

Yeah, so... enjoy Zork -1!

 Zork -1 Score: 0 Moves: 0

C:\> Run "Blue Screen of Death"_

Zork -1: The velociraptor, the witch, the Nintendo, the quiche, the tongue, and the Eloi

Copyright (c) 123 BC - 123 BC Gruesome Productions. All rights reserved.

Revision 2333333 / Serial number 233333

> What the fuck!? This isn't the BSoD!

You are using Unix.

> No I'm not.

Who cares? This is better than the BSoD anyway.

> Fine. Whatever. Just log me in.

You are now logged in as <insert name here>.

> look

You are in a velociraptor's cage. Obvious exits are out, out, out, out, and out. You can see a computer here.

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