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edit DoubleAgent

A native of the British Isles since he was born, DoubleAgent works for Uncyclopedia and those who pretend to write factual articles (allegedly).

edit Early Life

DoubleAgent was born on 16th April 1649, the son of Lt. Colonel Richard Sharpe and Christina Aguilera in the small village of Stonybridge, Kent. He went to Oxford University to study theory in 1243, and co-led the Spanish war against the Moors.

It was during this time that he learned to play the harpsichord and many a regal princess asked him to play on their instrument.

edit Relocation to the Third World

Rather magnanamously (if I do say so myself), Double agent moved to an impoverished region of the Grim North called Lancashire and became the tool of Colonel Sanders in wiping scum off the face of the planet. After realising the futility of this, He ran away to be the lovechild of Piltdown Man.

edit Current dwelling

DoubleAgent lives in a park, with a can of Tennents Super and a piece of string. He surfs the internet on a pocket Eiffel Tower.

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