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Morrowind is a powerful and extremely dangerous hallucinogenic drug available to most developed countries. It was first synthesized by master chemist Todd Howard in 2002, from a combination of LSD and sideburns.


A typical Morrowind user.


An artist's conception of how the user sees themselves while high.

edit Effects

Morrowind has been found to immerse its users completely into an elaborate fantasy world. Anonymous Morrowind users have reported seeing some of the following things while high:

  • Annoying midgets looking for rings.
  • Houses constructed from magic mushrooms.
  • People randomly falling from the sky.
  • Talking drunken crabs selling liquor.

One parculiar aspect of Morrowind is that its users mostly tend to share a common componant to their hallucinations (except when cut with other drugs, see Enhancibility), which seems to involve an epic quest to destroy an artifact of extremely addicting power in the hands of a shutaway inside of an uninhabitable mountain guarded by former normal people turned into monsters, in a world of racist undertones and unnecessary characters.

edit Side Effects

  • Random, debilitating crashes, immediatly followed by bouts of rage.
  • Disassociation from reality.
  • Insomnia
  • Lack of proper nutrition.
  • Neglet to properly care for teeth ("Morro-Mouth")

edit Enhancibility

One of the more terrifying properties of Morrowind is the ability to directly modify the hallucinations therein by splicing it with other drugs. This in itself can be dangerous as it leads to more wear on the user's system, and more frequent unexplained crashes.

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