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edit Racism

Racism is considered as a sport, loved by the common man. Racism can be enjoyed by anybody whether you're white, vlack, brown or fat. Racism can not be enjoyed if you are chinese, i mean come on how could you possibly look at someone to make note of their skin colour.

I am in fact a racist, I despise of white people. The only reason I turn my negative suit on to make my upper epidermis layer of skin appear white in colour is to keep my beloved job of advice giving. As a professional advice giver I must appear white in colour otherwise my patients will not be able to trust me. Proof of this is in the phase: How can you tell a black man is lying? Answer: If his lips are moving. thus a black man must either become a ventriloquist or buy himself a negative suit from online nigeria, the nigerians ultimate resource the same shop Michael Jackson purchased his from.

Racism is a major concern in the tiny village of peckham. The peckham Boys, as our local chair of governers have been fighting (literally) to abolish the common white man from our beautiful african city of London. We use guns and knives to save our rights.

More on racism. Racism is currently the number one crime commited in every country. with 100% of humans and animals discriminating eachother just for their looks eg. I was on my way to peckham to purchase myself some yams and maybe a few leaves of fresh calalou to make my signature dish 'Nigerian Revenge' when suddenly, yes suddenly... yes i was D:. I have to say this experience has dramatically boosted my knowledge of the fighting form, phallus.

edit How to declare a common member of the public Racist

edit You will need

-A Big-Black mouth. One may be purchased from

-A big black moth.

-Several Nigerians. Im sure you will have a cousin or two round the corner as black-up

-A loathing for all things un-black You can develop your loathing by attending a prison in a very posh area, kazakstan for example.

-A crow-bar most conveniently made of crows, which carry many diseases rendering your target an AIDs.

-A selection of African food tins Like popeye but much more black.

edit Steps to make

1. Use your Big-Black mouth to call a white man over.

2. Take the man by the neck and call him a white shit.

3. Call your cousins and tell them to call him a white shit.

4. Give the man a nice Lick in the face with the crow-bar.

5. Refuel with the African food tins you have on you.

6. Write vote Dj for President on the mans fore head with a knife.

7. Hang outside a corner shop for no reason at all.

8. Scan the environment for another white man.

9. Repeat the process from step 1.

edit Risks

-Your food selection may be dramatically reduced making you helpless.

-You may have to buy some more food from a chicken shop or make your mother cook chicken rice and pea.

-The white man could bleed a bit. Do not let any of it touch you otherwise you could become an albino.

There we have it, how to be a racist.

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