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“Doktor McCheez has arms. He really, truly, sincerely has actual arms, and he uses them! His arms work fine.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Doktor McCheez
Doktor McCheez
Political career
Order 86th President
Vice President The entire Blue Man Group
Term of office 2068–2076
Preceded by Gibby Haynes
Succeeded by Jessica Simpson
Political party Libertarian
Personal details
Nationality American
Date of birth February 1, 1700
Place of birth Hell, Texas
Date of death Whenever you want it to be, baby.
Place of death The United States of Whatever
First Lady Stacy Keibler


Sir Johnathan Baroque Miniscule Coronagraph Panorama Rimsky Korsakov Sexified Polka Dot Psychedelic Spinal Sundown Relapse Diarrhea Kitten Steven Jesus Buttsex Ajax Blacky McGee Bananarama Anal Supersonic Jacobson Sonic Bikini Tailfin Foot Fetish Muthafuck Bronchitis Amygdala Hydranth Jacobson Wheaties Martini III, better known as Doktor McCheez or God, is a person.

He is currently missing, but it is generally assumed that he is somewhere in a cardboard box, pretending to drive a spaceship that doesn't exist.

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