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This article is written in the real or imagined writing style of its subject. If you do not find it funny, it is probably because you are the type who needed this explained to you. If you still do not find the article funny, that is surely because a joke loses its humor when it is explained. The authors sincerely hope that you will pick up your game and laugh without prompting in the future.
~ Tweek, on being alive
~ Tweek, on Gnomes
Apollo Josh Bartholomew Jeffrey Richard "Tweek" Tweak Jr.
Tweek tweak
Date of birth: circa August 17, 2001
Place of birth: South Park, Colorado
Nationality: n/a
Occupation User
Religion GAH!
For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the self-proclaimed experts at Wikipedia have an article about Tweek Tweak.

Apollo Josh Bartholomew Jeffrey Richard "Tweek" Tweak Jr. is famous for being the world's youngest known tweeker, hence his nickname―GAH!

Personal Life

T-Tweek was originally supposed to have been a girl, but when his mom told his dad her baby was going to be female, he freaked out, and paid the obstetrician lots of money to make him into a boy―AHHHH!!! He came out with cravings for coffee and meth, because those were his mom's favorite things when she was pregnant with him―OH JESUS, DUDE! Hi-his parents give him all the coffee he wants, thinking he has ADHD, but he needs to smuggle meth himself―ACH! I NEED COFFEE! AH, JESUS! I'M GOING INSANE!!!

South Park

Tweek was g-given a role on the infamous twelve-year old boy sensation show South Park, as himself. He is the same coffee addict who fears gnomes that he is in real life, minus the meth addiction―OH MAN, THIS IS WAY TOO MUCH PRESSURE! However, he f-falls into the under-used tier of South Park characters―GAAAAAH! CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMOOORE―

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