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edit The essay, written 04:14, 23 April 2009 (UTC)

“Well, you see not 3 years ago, I was a senior in High School. The times, they were afoot. Not that I know what that means, but regardless, that is what they were. It was in English class, when me and one of my best only friends were arguing about who would win in a fight: Lions Vs. Bears. Naturally I was on the correct side of lions. We decided to stage the fight on an abandoned extremely full cruise ship, for neutral territory reasons. If the fight were in the Savannah, it wouldn't really be fair now would it? Well, as we were talking during one of my teacher's lectures she asked for us to share our conversation with the class . About an hour and a half later, class ended with the debate still raging. Only thing was kids told their friends about this, and it somehow became a fad in my school. Even the gangstas and rednecks decided to put away their three-century-old fighting to debate the topic amongst themselves. Our school's Valedictorian speech centered mainly around the question. In the end, there was no clear winner, only one clear loser: My English teacher Senior Year. She learned her lesson though, never bugged me and my friend about talking anymore. She just kind of let us go about our business. And that is the story of how I showed a teacher who was the boss.... Where was I now? Lions or bears or something.”
~ The Woodburninator discussing the superiority of bears over lions.

edit An in-depth look at the essay by Docile hippopotamus

The Woodburninator proves the superiority of bears to lions as he says "naturally I was on the correct side of lions." Although some critics would argue that when The Woodburninator says "there was no clear winner" he contradicts himself, that is wrong as it means the reader must remember The Woodburninator said that bears win, meaning the bears win.

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