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Doctor Norman Misunderstood (born January -3, 53266 AD) was a master of disguise and knew his ways around time travel. He stole a device from John Titor's ancestor, Napoleon de Ponce Titor, and proceeded to travel back to 2006 AD in a tractor.

edit Biography

edit Pre-Birth

After the Grue ate all the survivors of World War XVIII, it suddenly got an upset stomach and barfed out two humans; Oscar Wilde and Sophia. Suddenly, the two decided to make the human race again after glueing the Grue to the wall. By the year 45391 AD, the world was full of ancestors of Oscar and Sophia.

edit Birth and Childhood

Sophia gave birth to a child unexpectantly, the child was named Norman Misunderstood after a bizarre virgin birth that puzzled everyone; except Oscar, who knew the truth, but imprisoned anyone who asked him what it was. His birth was heralded as a sign from above, when it was actually a sign from below.

Norman grew up with that guy that everyone seemed to know, and became a renowned success after starring in the upcoming film, Omen XIV: God Goes To Hell, as the child, Damianderson. His acting career skyrocketed and soon he was a child prodigy across the universe. However, during one trip to Planet Google, his rocket was caught in a terrible space tornado and he was sent to another planet, Hamsteplanet; the planet of hamsters. Norman became familiar with such a group and was given a teleportation device to return back home.

edit Adulthood

As he reached the age of thirty, Norman decided "enough was enough" and changed his name to Vic, but changed it back after deciding it was rubbish and unsuitable. He engaged in the medical profession which earned him the rank of Nurse, but then re-invented the DeLorean after finding notes written by Marty McFly, thus making him the Doctor, or "Doc".

His entire life was turned upside-down when John Titor travelled forward in time to warn him of what was about to happen in the future. This altered the timeline, and thus it never happened. Both he and John had the "Time Travelling Party of the Decade" which won 64 Oscars at the Party Nominations Ceremony.

edit Death and Rebirth

Doctor Norman Misunderstood was shot dead fifty four times on his day of retirement as both Elvis Presley and Doctor Who killed him for something he was about to commit. He was revived later by Oscar Wilde thanks to his sorcery powers. This turn of events led to the creation of the Great Wall of Neo-England. Norman was then declared the King of Neo-England, but had to retire after a scandal involving himself, a hooker and some dynamite.

edit Back to the Past

When Norman went to find his DeLorean, he discovered that it had been stolen by Marty McFly. In one last bitter attempt to try and find his arch-nemisis, he went to Napoleon de Leon Titor's house and stole his time travelling kit, then went back to 2006 AD. Due to a paradoxial after-effect, Norman got a cybernetic arm which could transform into a double barrelled shotgun at any given moment.

And thus his life continues.

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