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I am marking my user page with PeeReview in the hope that someone who knows the ways of Uncyclopedia will come here and help me :( -- In case you didn't notice I don't know what I am doing.

Basically some bum faced moron deleted my article, pertaining to the human Leggsicon - Why? Who knows?

I checked the logs, and 7 / 9 said Keep - but he deleted... can someone advise me how to get this page undeleted?

Begin rant... and I thought that Uncyclopedia would be relatively free from bum faced morons? NO!!! It seems that just as many ignorant pedants exist here as on WikiPedia - or at least one... Note the classic signs... he comes along, marks my page for deletion, and despite getting 7 out of 9 votes set to keep this bum faced pedant decides to delete my article anyway... after all, he didn't write it, and so it must suck right? What a bum face pedant! Note the classic signs... go to his self congratulatory user page and note how much he congratulates himself on his self congratulatory page. What a bum face!

End rant... OK... I am considerably calmer now.

Sorry for the ill procedure, but I couldn't find any way to get help with my problem from the help pages (they focused on pages which were vfd-ed, not already deleted). Please let me know what I should be doing :)

Thanks for any help,

Mr bum face (me).

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