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A dillbizzle, or dillbizzlette, is a type of communist Soviet biscuit used in WWll. This biscuit has been known to cause severe constipation, followed by uncontrollable vomiting. Dillbizzle's alone are the cause 75% of Russia clogged, and out of order toilets. In war these biscuits were force feed to Nazi prisoners. Later on they found that out if they cooked the biscuits for longer they would be hard enough that if shoved into the butt-ox, it could provoke AIDS. This method was originally called rape, but was later changed to Micheal Jackson due to increased child molestation cases.

Dillbizzle's Today

Dillbizzles don't exist today, peanut head! When was the last time you walked into the Russian store and saw a poster saying ,"Dillbizzle's! 2 for the price of 1!".

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