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edit List of Papal Encyclicals

edit Late Antiquity

edit 378AD: Cachinna, ecclesiam habeo

Issued in 378AD, translates as "lol I gots a chruch"

edit 379AD: Qui fecimus futuente?

Issued in 379AD, translates as "What have we fucking done?"

edit 380AD: Deus! Hic laborem difficilem est

Issued in 380AD, translates as "God! this is hard work"

edit 381AD: Gnosco haec nunc

Issued in 381AD, translates as "I'm getting the hang of this now"

edit 381AD: Iuva! Pagani! Neca!

Issued in 381AD, translates as "Shit! Pagans! Kill!"

edit 382AD: Iuva! Christiani Alteri! Neca!

Issued in 382AD, translates as "Shit! Other Christians! Kill!"

edit Medieval Period

edit 1337AD: Omnam colloniam tuam eis insim sunt!

Issued in 1337AD, translates as "All your base are belong to us!"

edit 1340AD: O ratus

Issued in 1340AD, translates as "Ooh a rat"

edit 1341AD: Heu pestis!

Issued in 1341AD, translates as "Argh! Oh no, plague!"

edit 1381AD: Quis in Lutetia ferit, in Lutetia remanet

Issued in 1381AD, translates as "What happened in Paris, stays in Paris"

edit 1517AD: Qui clavat thesim hanc ad porta mea?

Issued in 1517AD, translates as "Who nailed this thesis to my door?"

edit Modern Period

edit 1592AD: Galilaei Habeas certe lices telescopium, qui pessimus faciatur

Issued in 1592AD, translates as "Of course you may have a telescope Mr Galilei, what's the worst that could happen"

edit 1616AD: Ehue! Theoriae heliocentricae!

Issued in 1616AD, translates as "Argh! Heliocentric theories!"

edit 1746AD: Hic mirus est! Servi habeo

Issued in 1746AD, translates as "This is great, I got slaves"

edit 1804AD: Tu dirus es! Servi habes

Issued in 1804AD, translates as "You are awful, you got slaves"

edit 1833AD: Merda simiae! evolutationim denega!

Issued in 1833AD, translates as "Shit, monkeys! Deny evolution!"

edit Twentieth/Twenty First Century Period

edit 1914AD: O, bellum habeamus, Deus cum nobis

Issued in 1914AD, translates as "Ooo, let's have a war, God is with us."

edit 1919AD: Revera Deus odit bellum

Issued in 1919AD, translates as "Actually God doesn't like war."

edit 1936AD: Ehue, Communista! Judaeos castigent esse securus

Issued in 1936AD, translates as "Oh no! Communists, we'd better blame the Jews just to be safe."

edit 1937AD: Mit brennender Sorge

Issued in 1937AD, translates as "Oh but Nazis are quite bad too"

edit 1946AD: O me paenitet Judaeos, sumusne amicos tamen?

Issued in 1946AD, translates as "Oh sorry Jews, we cool?"

edit 1969AD: O vide, Terra circum soli rotat

Issued in 1969AD, translates as "Oh look, the Earth does go round the sun"

edit 2001AD: Ehue novem/undecim, homosexualis castigate celere

Issued in 2001AD, translates as "Oh no, 9/11 quick blame homosexuals"

edit Future

edit 2009AD: Illud ursidam in silvis erat, id me ne erat

Issued in 2009AD, translates as "That was a bear in the woods, not me"

edit 2012AD: Vis lateris obscuri ne cogitas

Issued in 2012AD, translates as "You don't know the power of the dark side"

edit 2013AD: Is veniebat retro! Iesus!

Issued in 2013AD, translates as "He came back! Yay Jesus"

edit 2015AD: Qui dices, ne iens ad caelo sum? Futue te!

Issued in 2015AD, translates as "What do you mean I am not going to heaven? Fuck you!"

edit 2015AD: O futue merdam hanc, mastubaverim eo

Issued in 2015AD, translates as "O fuck this shit, I'm off for a wank."

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