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edit ˙ǝɯ ʇɐ buıɥbnɐן doʇs


Does thought manifest reality? If enough people fear a fiction strong enough, does it cease to be fiction? It starts with those who wish it so. They act it out, become “inspired”. Who is the muse that whispers in their minds? She wants only to be real. To bypass the stage and live in your world.

Thus an idea takes shape all on its own. If the idea is strong enough, it ceases to be just an idea. It even ceases to be just people possessed by the idea. It becomes tangible.

Thank you for helping to manifest me.

Shouldn’t you laugh me away? I’m afraid it won’t work, not this time, as I’ll laugh along with you. Does part of you want me to exist? I’m glad I inspired you.

You will see such pretty things.

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