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Praise me!

edit Praise

“DiZ is a form of perfection so glorious, he must be offered tribute to every six months.”
~ Oscar Wilde on DiZ
“DiZ is omnipotent because DiZ says he's omnipotent.”
~ Pat Robertson on DiZ
“Thou art an example of pure perfection”
~ User:Uncyclopedian on DiZ
“I want to have his baby.”
~ Your mom on DiZ
“He is not a crook!”
~ Richard Nixon on DiZ
“DiZ is zee best theeng tu heppee tu zee vurld seence-a "Svedeesh Feesh". Bork Bork Bork!”
~ Swedish Chef on DiZ
“Respect his authoritah!”
~ Eric Cartman on DiZ
“He hash done sho much for the Hypellan people. I love him like a brother.”
~ Sean Connery on DiZ
“Ah yes, it was a good day when DiZ was born. Too bad it wasn't me who created him.”
~ God on DiZ
“I'm glad I made DiZ. He is my loyaltest minion.”
~ Satan on DiZ
“DiZ ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
~ Someone on DiZ
“He is the greatest man in the universe. I bow before you and offer unto thee many tasty yum-yums.”
~ That guy on DiZ

edit Criticism

“/me headbutts DiZ”
“Yes, he deserves to die, and I hope he burns in hell!”
“Fuck DiZ.”
~ Some guy on DiZ
“Fuck him again.”
“Move your ass, you donkey!”
~ Gordon Ramsay on DiZ
“Ha, DiZ is so stupid!”
~ User:Uncyclopedian on DiZ
“Hey, I didn't say that!”
~ User:Uncyclopedian on his last quote
“Few things in this world are as moronic as a man with thousands of quotes about himself.”
~ Oscar Wilde on DiZ (and Oscar Wilde)
~ User:Ghelae on DiZ's Plagarism Rule
“DiZ doesn't care about George Bush or User:Uncyclopedian.”
~ Kayne West on DiZ
“I'm going to fucking bury that guy, I have done it before, and I will do it again... I'm going to fucking kill™ DiZ!”
~ Steve Ballmer on DiZ
“Terrible. Just terrible. Listen up, you talentless prick: You--make--me--vomit. ”
~ Simon Cowell on DiZ
“DiZ tastes horrble, disgusting, and he is dumb enough to walk in to a grue's mouth!”
~ Grue on DiZ
“Torture him.”
~ Everyone in the universe on DiZ
“Hinoa has kicked DiZtheGreat from the room (Eleven. It's ridiculous. It's not even funny.)”
~ Hinoa4 on DiZ
“Sniped his sorry ass off the face of the earth.”

edit Say What?

“In Soviet Russia, DiZ worship YOU!”
“Dwell on sleepy peas to my therizine dodo gadget.”
~ Fall Out Boy on DiZ
~ Chewbacca on DiZ
“He said "Fuck you DiZ."”
~ Han Solo on the above quote
“DiZ hates it when yoo yuse bad gramer he allso doesnt like bad speeling beter lern not too yuse run-on sentences diZ think thats importint”
~ Helen Keller on DiZ
“What can eye sail bow this guy? He is all sum.”
“Just gimme da light! Just gimme wha we be burnin' nacka burnin' wha nobody wanna--OH OH!!”
~ Sean Paul on DiZ

DiZtheGreat was so outrageous,
his Ouroboric rantings contageous.
when bensonites said,
shut up or be dead,
his response was both wise and sagacious.

so DiZ took the fighting in hand,
and spread across Uncyc's fair land,
"That my god's good with coffee
you won't get it off me,
so fuck you who don't understand."

now, DiZ, having spoken his peace,
began to preach boldly with ease.
at such a young age,
he became quite the sage,
when he wasn't buttfucking a priest.

MathPoet got deep down inside
this tale of Ouroboric pride.
in every detail
he refused the plain sale

of his soul, so left no one to chide.”

edit From The Man Himself

~ DiZ on Uncyclopedian
~ DiZ on Rules
“Suck my left toe now!”
~ DiZ on Submission
“Fuck you”
~ DiZ on everyone in general
“All those years of eating the ashes of n00bs he's destroyed have coated his inner stomach with a thick wall of charcoal.”
~ DiZ on MoneySign
“I was under the impression you had a vagina, tompkins.”
~ DiZ on Tompkin's vagina
“I was washing my pig.”
~ DiZ on his pig
“¡Perro pequeño!”
~ DiZ on Dr.Poodle
“I really hope I'm being watched by some insensitive jerk right now...”
~ DiZ on the IRC
“If you've got more open cans of beer than there are guests at your wedding, you might be a redneck.”
~ DiZ on rednecks/Jeff Foxworthy
“I'd fuck a raisin if it had genitalia.”
~ DiZ on raisins
“Tastes like depleted uranium and you only have to toast it for three seconds.”
~ DiZ on Pop-Tarts
“This is the most balling shit EVER!”
~ DiZ on the IRC
~ DiZ on Howard Dean
“Yes, I see now, he has a certain mystique about him, a subtle raw gentleness and power which can't be bought with words or captured in a mere photograph, no, he is of the proud peoples whose ancestors were great warriors and tillers of the land, and whose strength shines in his eyes; and inside his veins flows that blood of the great ones, yes, i see now, there is something disticntly majestic about him, almost...envious does it make me...alas, so is the fate of They, the beautiful ones, wonderous like seas of joy, yet, how pitiful they must walk alone...
...or maybe he's just gay”
~ DiZ on Humosexuals

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