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<Dexter111344>	RAHB!
<RAHB>	Dexter111344!
<RAHB>	fancy seeing you here
<Dexter111344>	Yes. Yes it is.
<Dexter111344>	Let's make up some fucking superheroes!
<Dexter111344>	Come on you little fucks!
<RAHB>	you mean like, normal superheroes accentuated by the "fucking"
<RAHB>	or like
<RAHB>	superheroes who fuck
<Dexter111344>	I don't give a fuck!
<Dexter111344>	Or shit!
<Dexter111344>	Fuck You Man!
<RAHB>	fuck me man!
<Dexter111344>	I have the power to make any enemy stop just by yelling out FUCK!
<RAHB>	that's a pretty nice talent there
<Dexter111344>	You mean like a super hero who just fucks the villian?
<RAHB>	hell I dunno, a superhero who just fucks
<Dexter111344>	"I'm just gonna steal this T- FUCK!"
<Dexter111344>	"Fuck Me Man! Oh, Fuck Me Man!"
<Dexter111344>	You can't get away from my Cock of Justice!
<Dexter111344>	Forget Superman.
<Dexter111344>	Fuck Me Man is the strongest.
<RAHB>	damn right
 -->|	pyr0archy ( has joined #asciipr0n
<Dexter111344>	Rim job Boy!
<RAHB>	Superman leaps over buildings, Fuck Me Man fucks you
<RAHB>	Fuck Me Man and Rim Job Lad, defenders of justice
<Dexter111344>	Pyr0archy! Help come up with some fucking superheroes!
<Dexter111344>	The Aborter! (I'm actually going to make this.)
<RAHB>	heh heh
<Dexter111344>	Based in Atlanta.
<Dexter111344>	His arch-nemesis is The Punisher, a Catholic priest!
<RAHB>	with a sawed off shotgun, right?
<Dexter111344>	You know it.
<RAHB>	I sure do
<Dexter111344>	The Aborter, an abortion clinic doctor by day, man who runs around the city with his trusty clothes hanger by night!
<RAHB>	right o
<Dexter111344>	Giving abortions to all of slutty high school girls!
<Dexter111344>	For a mere fee of $5.
<RAHB>	that's how he makes the money to get his fancy costume/vehicle
<Dexter111344>	Vehicle? A moped!
<RAHB>	damn right
<Dexter111344>	Redneck Man(a drunken man in a dirty speedo) also tries to stop his leftist beliefs.
<Dexter111344>	Come on you little fucks!
<Dexter111344>	Spit out some more!
<RAHB>	Spit-Lube man
<RAHB>	capital M there though
<Dexter111344>	Rough sex?!? Can't afford lubrication?!?!? No need to fear, Spit-Lube Man is here!
<Dexter111344>	Using his overactive glands, he lubes every hole!
<Dexter111344>	Cocks...
<RAHB>	cockholes too
<Dexter111344>	Imagine him walking around the Justice League.
<RAHB>	hahaha
<Dexter111344>	"Hey, Wonder Woman!"
<RAHB>	Superman and Green Lantern shoot him dirty glances
<Dexter111344>	HAHA!
<Dexter111344>	We should just make this conversation an article.
<RAHB>	yeah
<Dexter111344>	No one will nom it for deletion.
<RAHB>	that's for sure
<Dexter111344>	They'll see it's us and feature it.
<RAHB>	well
 -->|	hypoluxa_ (n=ross@ has joined #asciipr0n
<RAHB>	RAHB + Dexter + Sex jokes + not IPs
<RAHB>	= probable feature
<Dexter111344>	At least at ?pedia.
<RAHB>	heh heh
<RAHB>	shit
<RAHB>	I just remembered last week I made a shitty superhero-themed article there
<Dexter111344>	?
<RAHB>	uh let's see
<Dexter111344>	Give me the link in that OTHER room.
<RAHB>	will do
<Dexter111344>	Because these people suck. At night.
<RAHB>	yeah
<RAHB>	a lot
<RAHB>	<butthead laughing>
<Dexter111344>	You included A Taco Bell bathroom!
<Dexter111344>	And orange bubbles!
<RAHB>	hahaha
<RAHB>	had to include the taco bell
<Dexter111344>	I have the talk page saved.
<Dexter111344>	Here, I'll post it here.
<Dexter111344>	Freaking EPIC WIN! This is definitely going in the 2008 Encyclopedia of Fast Food Bathrooms. - ADMIRAL ENZO AQUARIUS-Open Hailing Frequencies ☎ Slut! 03:18, 26 May 2008 (UTC)
<Dexter111344>	[edit] I laughed my ass off.
<Dexter111344>	At first, I was going to QVFD this. Then, I actually read it. Feature!!! --Dexter111344 Complain here... Vote here today! 03:22, 26 May 2008 (UTC)
<Dexter111344>	[edit] You crazy bastards.
<Dexter111344>	I QVFD this. Then, I actually read it. Feature!!! --Officer Frankie! (R.D.B.) 03:24, 26 May 2008 (UTC)
<Dexter111344>	[edit] I hate to kill the fun, here...
<Dexter111344>	...But put this in userspace, quick, or it's gonna get huffed. By me, specifically. - Don Leddy the Crunch (Nyah, see, nyah!) 03:27, May 26

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