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It's time for a Change. I'm sure you've heard it all. The dream? Yes. It's finally come true. Better times are here. America has it's first black presi-


That man was a liar. He didn't seem to realize Hussein Obama wants to take away our Second Amendment rights to bare arms if we are in a militia. That means we won't be able to protect ourselves from other gun-owners!!! Do you not realize what this means!? Genocide will happen. It's a proven fact. Hussein Obama wants this great Christian country to fall into the grips of genocidal maniacs like Bill Ayers and other radical liberals who probably have HIV, probably! He probably wants this to be the next Darfur!! Look at the Facts™.

edit The Facts™

edit Gun control

Nuked Planet

This is what the world will possibly be like once Hussein Obama takes away our guns! (Which he has no plans to do.)

Bigots, whom are all liberals [1], wish to instate harsh gun control laws over we conservatives. Especially Hussein Obama[citation needed]. Just go and read any conservative blog! They say so!

Also, Glenn Beck says daily on his radio and television shows that Hussein Obama wants to take away our guns [2]. See! I'm not lying! And he is part of the media. The trustworthy media. He's not allowed to spread falsities. Only the lie-beral media does that. People like... Hitler, the guy who made the moustache unfashionable [3].

And, while I'm on the subject of Hitler, it is worth noting the Holocaust only occurred because of the implementation of gun control laws in Germany in 1938. The Nazis took away the guns of Jews and shot them with said guns. And, as history has proven, Adolf Hitler was a blatant homosexual even though he had a girlfriend and killed himself after she committed suicide, kinda like Romeo & Juliet.

edit Homosexuality

And, while I'm on the subject of homosexuality, homosexuals (who will be referred to as "Gays" for the remaining length of this article) have created a disease, HIV, which, according to sources [4], now is killing heterosexuals. It's all part of the liberal plan to destroy Family Values [5]. Gays are also responsible for the rise in war in the Middle East. Don't believe me? Well, as gay marriage becomes more widespread in our great Christian nation, the number of people being killed due to military action in Iraq is increasing [6]. Coincidence? I think not! Well, it probably is, but do you have sources?

edit Honest references

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