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Um... Why the hell do you think I'm going to do this assignment?

edit I am NOT going to do this

Why the hell should I?!? I'm not a moron. I already know all of this shit. I'm sorry if I'm not a fucking retard like the rest of the kids in this class! I have an F in this class, anyway. And why the do they call this a "special class". I am in no goddamn way mentally retarded, if that is what you're getting at. I am unable to say that about approximately 90 percent of the people at this school, though. And I'm including the administration. All of those damn idiots. I intend to kill you all one day.

edit Fuck You! I'm not doing this shit!

Bitch, I know you're gonna fail me, anyway. Why the hell should, I'm might have been tempted to try!!! Only reason I didn't switch classes at the beginning of the semester was so I could look at that hot piece of goth ass who sat across the room until you finally decided to move me next to her. I blame you for fucking mocking my name EVERY DAMN DAY!!! That's why I couldn't get any from her. I blame you, you fucking bitch!

edit Even that bastard Jaysen got some from her!

But not me! Not someone who actually has a personality! BITCH! He, Mr. Look-at-me-do-and-say-nothing. He has no personality. He can't even spell his name correctly. It's "Jason", J-A-S-O-N, you fucking retard!! Hell, you passed him. HE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING AT ALL!!! Bitch. He got to fuck her. Why? Oh, I don't know. Perhaps because you didn't mock him like you mocked me. Bitch! I hate you! The finest damn piece of ass at this godforsaken school, and I could have had her! Now, I rarely even see her, and, even on days I do see her, it is only but for a few seconds. At most, all I can say is hi. Yesterday, I wasn't even able to say hi to her because she was talking to some ugly ass friend of hers.

edit Who cares if she is an idiot?

I don't care if she is unable to properly pronounce her R's, nor do I care if she has trouble saying words with three or more syllables. She is hot as hell, and, because of you, I CAN'T HAVE HER!!!

edit You have some fucking nerve!

You told me if I did that one project YOU WOULD PASS ME! You lying bitch. I checked your damn grading book. You put down zeros! You fucking bitch! Why the hell shouldn't I kill you, you heartless bitch?! I did better than EVERYONE else did on that final project. It wasn't my fault if those douche bags refused to pay attention to me. During everyone else's presentations, you made them all shut up. You didn't for me, though.

edit You're going to Hell.


SEE YA, Bitch!!

I don't care if you're goddamn ministers wife! You are going to Hell! You lied. I may be psycho, I might be crazy, but at least I'm not a damn liar, you egotistical cunt!! You know what, it was just a damn elective, anyway. I don't need it. See you in Hell, bitch!

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