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Ah yes. Sniffing porcupines. To quote the great John F. Kennedy:

I encourage every American to sniff porcupines as often as possible. Ti's more than healthy; it's also fun!

Yes. JFK was the most awesome president ever. I know. He had sex with Marylin Monroe, too. Then he killed her. JFK was a pimp.

Anyway, as JFK said, there are many reasons to want to sniff porcupines, ranging from educational, health, all the way to sexual and entertainment purposes. Let's begin, shall we?

edit The History of Sniffing Porcupines

Well, like most rituals and other crazy shit people do nowadays, the origins of sniffing porcupines is unclear. There are some who say people have sniffed porcupines since the beginning of mankind. Those people are liars though and shouldn't be trusted as they steal from babies. Serious.

The first actual incident of porcupine sniffing is probably in the Bible (that big book no one reads but everyone seems to know a lot about). Let's see... Ah yes! The Book of Matthew 12:3, "And Jesus said, 'Sniff porcupines!' That made everyone realize he was the Messiah." See! It's supposedly in the Bible, which means it is true cause the Bible is The Word of God (and not just a book of fiction written by some old camel fuckers like the liberals claim).

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