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Dude, I was online right, you know, masturbating and all that shit teen boys who can't get a girlfriend do when...

edit I saw my friends picture on Jailbait Gallery!


I mean, damn! I didn't know she was this hot!

I mean, what the fuck?!? Here I was trying to wank when I saw one of my best friends pictures! Okay, she's not really one of my best friends, and recently we've been talking less and less, but my point is I never knew she looked so hot. I always assumed she was just a really artsy girl. Possibly a lesbian.

I mean, she was wearing a bikini, and usually she wears multiple layers of clothes, so maybe that's why I never recognized her huge rack before.

edit Damn

Look, I went immediately flaccid when I saw it. She isn't ugly. The shock of seeing her degraded herself like a common slut just forced my overactive sex-drive into sleep mode. It's not cause I'm gay or nothing, it just surprised me! And it would've been totally wrong for me to have finished to a picture of her in that position.

Okay, you got me. I whacked that weasel harder than I've ever whacked.

Don't judge me.

edit Anyway

Once I cleaned up, I went and looked at the other pictures the guy had uploaded, and I recognized about half of the girls! So now I'm all, "WTF!?", and, "Wait, I didn't know those two were bi!", when I realized where half of these pictures had been taken!


edit It hit me like a ton of bricks


Mr. Kearsy's pissed.

The principal was a fucking pedo who was using his position to get underage girls to get semi-nude! Well, out of pure jealously, I called the police. They came to the school to arrest him and everybody was all, "WTH?!?", but not me. I knew. They were arresting that sick fuck. I thought I finally could get some once that whore-hog was gone. I was quickly proven wrong.

Oh, and he got away from the police.

Anyway, the police wanted me to tell you that if you see a balding angry little man who calls himself Zeus and is talking to high school girls, please call the FBI. They're looking for him. So is his boyfriend. He is pissed.

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