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There was once a traveller of the Internet. One day this nomad decided to settle down at a humour wiki. He believed it to be a great and funny place. Sadly, over time, the man realized that there was an immense of unfunniness weaved into the wiki's inner workings. The man realized what he must do. He had to remove each piece of shit. Sadly, much of what the user wanted to remove was too old for QVFD, and VFD was often full when the user stumbled upon crap.

This is often the case for many a user. Sadly, the user often ends up forgetting about the article when space is available on VFD. This is my list of such articles. Feel free to put any of these articles on VFD for me.

edit [[]]

  • Kerkill

More to be added. Trust me on that. As space becomes available, these will/should be put on VFD.

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