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You have nude massages.
Adult neon This User is too Damn Sexy!
If you saw this user it's possible that you might fall to the ground and

worship him/her, or spontaneously combust from a sex drive overload.

“Few will rise above, those few will rule the underground.”
~ User:ThetrueFiziks on Desscroll
“My favourite superhero.”
~ Desscroll on Gambler
“He was born to walk a different path.”
~ Desscroll on Fiziks
“You've come very far.”
~ Desscroll on Desscroll
“I'm going to buy one of these one day and put it in my bar.”
~ Desscroll on Cytherea
“In Soviet Russia, women pickup YOU!!”
~ Russian Reversal on Picking up women
“If only!!”
~ Oscar Wilde on rebuttal to Russian Reversal
Pseudonyms: Tao Kuei, Humbled, Dessydes, Desscroll
Birth: 500 years ago on the Highlands of Scotland.
Hair: Virtually none
Eyes: Two. One presently awaiting replacement with cybernetic implant.

User:Desscroll, hmm...

edit Birth and Life

Shortly after being born, he proceeded to bite off the fingers of the nurse presently examining him, before grabbing two scapels and killing off the rest of the attending staff in the operating room.

After killing half a squadron of special forces troopers, Desscroll was eventually captured and sent to Fiorina 161.

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