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edit DesertFox

DesertFox owns your soul

edit Who am I

An avid Halfbaker, an amateur game developer, nicknamed after the famous German General, I am as smart as they come. I eat pie with my toes

edit Statistics

Age: 18
Eyes: Blue
Ears: Normal
Hair: Brown, and lots of it
Sex: Yes, please
Gender: Male
Living: Yes

edit Favorite Sites

  1. Uncyclopedia (duh)
  2. Halfbakery
  3. Any sort of Game Development site

edit Not DesertFox

Lemons, cows, fruit, cheese, bats, and shishkabobs.

edit Articles I started

Holes - about holes!
Cups - about cups!
Bearbaiting - gee, what's this one about?
The famous field of Ologology

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