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“kool ye foot mon”
~ A Deranged Lobster on Everything

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"In Soviet Russia, lobster eats YOU!!!"

Description (version no.1)


Description (version no.2)

A Deranged Lobster is a dramatically odd case of LOBSTAZ!!! on weed. This can cause great distress to the fisherman who now has to deal with a bucket full of lobsters continuously telling him to "Kool ye foot mon".

There are many legends, myths, and suchlike about these weeded LOBSTAZ!!! In the final full moon of the Earth there will be a rain of 30 Deranged Lobsters. There is also another legend that states that someone, sitting in a cafe, will figure out how to make the world a better place, to sort out global warming, war, and George Bush. Said person will then step outside and the last words this person will hear will be "kool ye foot mon".


This is a dog

edit Origin


This is what humans get up to when they take weed

The Deranged Lobsters were created when a tanker sank just of the coast of Jamaica. This tanker was carrying a shipment of washing powder and mysteriously sank, taking all of it's "clean" crew with it. At that very moment, with a bizarre amount of improbability, an under-water volcano was uncovered by a very unfortunate octopus (It died, ok?). 10 minutes later, the world record for the most high lobsters in one body of water was achieved, breaking Bob Marley's previous record of over 9000. Half the population of the Deranged Lobsters was immediately eaten by Grues, although no-one knows why.

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