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Departheid apologizes for self-referencing himself.
“That dude suX0rz!”
~ Smiley Johannsson on Departheid
“I be his baby's momma!”
~ Bonnie Wright on Departheid
~ Daleks on Departheid
~ The Biological Weapon, Tofu on Departheid
“Horcruxes or Hallows? Bitch, they both played out, innit! I gon' be da playa, foo! Git yo' Ginny arse up 'ere, innit!”
~ Harry Potter on his Quest for the Horcruxes in HP7
“Departheid apologizes for self-referencing himself.”
~ Departheid on Self-Referencing Himself
“If tofu is everything in life, then what is no tofu?”
~ William Evet Chanchai on the implications of tofu (from the Nofu page)
Where's a Good Old Rusty Concealed Chainsaw when you need one?
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