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edit What the hell is it?


The "muahaha" your math teacher releases when you forgot to turn in your homework.

MUAHAHA is usually defined as an evil laugh used by the main bad guy in movies and sometimes books, for example Voldemort (in Harry Potter), Kronos (in PJO), or President Snow (in THG). Also the sound can be released from your evil math teacher. This term comes from the natural sound mu ("moo" like the cows) and the laughing sound ha, repeating. Also glaring and evil grins may be applied when releasing the Muahaha, to add tension and emphasis.

edit History

The Muahaha was first witnessed on a normal classroom, on a normal day, during a normal year. The person who released it was a math teacher. She glared into the Victim's eyes with pure slyness, and slowly said: "Muahaha." The Victim, a ten-year-old boy, was soon hypnotized and dropped in a dead faint to the ground. After interviewing the Victim's doctor, the boy's parents found that their child had become a zombie, due to a large amount of brain cells killed and limited brain usage.

edit Examples of Muahahas


Voldemort holding a sign, softly producing a "Muahaha".

We can see from this image that applying pale, Voldy-like makeup can increase the effect of the Muahaha: snake-like eyes, two slits for a nose that look like plastic surgery, and thin, chapped lips. A black cloak is optional, but the "FREE HUGS" sign must be used, to add a shade of evilness.


Sheldon Cooper (of Big Bang Theory) releasing a "Muahaha" perfectly to Penny.

In this example, Sheldon Cooper has pronounced the Muahaha perfectly, but more facial expressions should be added, calm, brief glances are not to be used.

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