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Tuesday is an unlucky day to see this message, especially if it's in the month of February. You have been warned!
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edit Hello!

Don't worry, I'm never that over-enthusiastic about saying hello, just wanted to sound like a somewhat sane person for a period of time, however small. But I'll give prior warning, I am far from sane. So don't look at me in the wrong way. The right way too look is at a 80-degree angle. Otherwise I'll slap you so hard that you won't be able to move it into any other angle again. Be warned.

Yeah, so I signed up for this site a while ago to correct a mistake made on this Wiki about a womans breast size (it's an important thing to get right, y'know?). And I kicked back, watched y'all do yeh thing... But I got bored and decided it was time to fix some of the monstrosities that you call wiki articles.

Umm... Well, since I don't get the point in writing stuff about myself anyway. I'll copy what someone else has done. Mwuhaha! Classic me.

edit STUFF

This is the stuff that I've stuffed full of stuff...

edit Stuff I've Stuffed

edit Stuff I've Helped Stuff

edit Stuff I'm Stuffing

I like to think my stuff is better than your stuff.

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