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I Can't Believe it's Not the Necronomicon is a book of the occult believed not to resurrect the dead from their eternal slumber. Its circulation is one of the main reasons why bringing back someone as a zombie manually rather than letting nature take its course is so freaking difficult to do.

edit About the Author

edit Origin of the Title

edit Common Signs That it's Not the Necronomicon

edit Appearance of the Book

  • Your copy of the necronomicon is a pop-up book
  • It's title is something other than "Necronomicon" (ex: Harry Potter and the Snapes on a Plane, The Joy of Cooking

edit Textual Differences

In some cases, however, the identity of the book will not be apparent until it is too late.

edit Effects of the Infamous Spell

  • The body remains dead
  • You are reading this as a ghost, thus dead

edit Case Studies

edit The Resurrection of Jesus

edit The Ford/Brown/Saddam Mix-Up

edit The Elric Brothers

edit Little Orphan Annie

edit Darth Vader

edit The Headless Horseman

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