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edit Dedbutdrmng

Lying in the gutter, well, just lying there really. Moaning a bit. It’s quite sad really. Shall we give him some change?

Oscar Wilde on Dedbutdrmng

Like Dashiel Hammett on baaad drugs. Take that as you will.

Some smart alec reader who thought he was clever but come the revolution his type shall be first against the wall and I shall be the one eating peeled grapes, on dedbutdrmng.

edit Dedbutfnorddrmng

Dedbutdrmng is rumoured to be so-cult-you’ve-never-heard-of-him author RJ Barker. RJ Barker is rumoured to be Neil Gaiman, an avatar of Cthulu, The King of France and generally happy go lucky. RJ’s sons are accurately Jabberwock. Despite Neil Gaiman being a figment of RJ Barker’s imagination, Neil Gaiman hates RJ Barker. Poor RJ Barker.

RJ Barker also writes the critically acclaimed ‘Dead Dave’, stories that no-one has read. Pity, poor, RJ Barker. Being one of the few humans born with the ability to pronk, RJ is often found cavorting with antelope. Not that that has anything to do with Dedbutdrmng as they're totally different people. Despite the rumours.

Dedbutdrmng is addicted to drivel and has two outlets for it - personal drivel and writing specific drivel.

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