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The K7 was a rocket created by the Soviet Union. It was the first ICBM, not to be confused with the first TCBY. It was designed by Sergei Korolev, by fooling a bunch of warmongering bureaucrats into thinking that he could blow up Washington. Instead, he sent up a little silver ball that went 'boop boop boop' to a bunch of HAM radio operators. It woke up the sense of awe and wonder in the hearts of billions of people overnight. Then two months later, after the warmongering bureaucrats had taken credit for being so foresighted as to inspire awe and wonder in the hearts of billions of people, they told him to kill a dog, named Laika.

Later on Korolev had his brain taken over by Yuri, and so the bureaucrats finally did build their bomb that would blow up Washington, but by some miracle of history, it never actually happened.


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