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(for works in progress)

If you have arrived at this page:

1. I bow down to you. You have been sidetracked so impressively that you have made it to the subpage of a user who is utterly insignificant on Uncyclopedia, which is itself merely one fairly little-browsed distraction on the World Wide Web. Furthermore, I probably wrote this so long ago that I forgot it was here.

2. Please, take my ideas if you like them. There are several reasons for this:

a.) You can probably write them up better than I can. If you want proof, look at this.

b.) As afore mentioned, I forgot this page was here. In fact, just now I almost forgot how to log in and thought my account got terminated due to inactivity. So, when you head over to my talk page and say "hey can I use your idea" I probably won't reply for a while.

c.) This is Uncyclopedia...if you actually think you have to ask for a noob's idea, you're probably not here.

So, yeah. Have a nice day. Or not. It's up to you. -DeathBySnowman (talk)

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