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Rock inna sock

The preferred weapon of schoolyard bullies, Uncyclopedia admins, rebels without causes and gentlemen duellists everywhere, the rock inna sock is truly this era's defining weapon of war and peace.

History, pre-history, semi-history and after-history

Long after the invention of the sock, the hollow exoskeleton some mammals use, the war between man and machine was ablaze. Humans fought against computers attempting a giant coup on all the world's governments. However, these machines were nearly indestructable, and quickly crushed bands of people fighting for mankind (though they likely were merely attepting to loot stores). With their backs against the wall, and only the inspiring words of Oscar Wilde's literature keeping them on the brink of sanity, a member of the Cabal informed certain parts of the remaining humans of a secret and deadly weapon; that which results from inserting one rock into a sock.

(You may be asking yourself exactly what a semi-history is. Semi-history is when you've gone to a bar, had two or sixteen beers, and been told something vitally important which you must tell someone else. Now, when you wake up the next morning, with a terrible hang-over, in an alley without your clothes, you seem to remember something that you were told, but not everything. Bam, you have semi-history! Have a drink, or sixteen.)

The Great Wikipedia Uprising

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