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Alan Moore creating his alternate Earth.

Earth-Moore is an extremely fucked up alternate Earth that was created by Alan Moore during a cocaine binge that gave him the ability of a god. He created an alternate world where many of his comic books came to life. It is the home of many heroes, like the Watchmen, John Constantine, V For Vendetta, the Swamp Thing, Supreme, and many others.

edit Creation

During the 1980s, Alan Moore was going through a rough time with creating shit. So, he started to use cocaine to help him become creative. Moore wound up using radioactive cocaine from Cuba that had been tainted during the Cuban Missile Crisis. He ended up becoming a god (well, in the comic book community). He used his abilities to create an alternate Earth populated by his creations.

edit Early years of Earth-Moore


Formation of the Minutemen.

Earth-Moore has notable differences with our world. World War I was caused by an insane Teddy Roosevelt, who dropped the atomic bomb on the Nazis after losing a game of strip poker. Affected by the radiation, Adolf Hitler became the superhero Captain Nazi. He helped the Germans win the war and took over the world. However, many Americans didn't like this. Meanwhile, Kirk Douglas, who was an actor on our world, became a superhero named Captain Metropolis. He got into a fight with Nazi and declared World War II. Douglas formed the Minutemen to help him fight evil. Members included Adam West a.k.a. Nite Owl, Carla Gugino a.k.a. Bondage Queen, Mel Gibson a.k.a. the Anti Semitist, Rob Lowe a.k.a. Dollar Bill, and some other assholes who nobody gives two shits about. They would defeat Nazi and cause a new world order.

edit New world order

Following World War II, the superheroes took control of the world. Then one day, a nuclear physicist named Ed Harris transformed into Super Maniac Atomic Captain. He became a god. Harris took on numerous criminals, like Anal Man, the Superheroin, the Achey-Breaky Heart Killer, and many more. Meanwhile, many heroes retired. However, heroes like Rorschach, who was really Edward Norton, started to fight crime. One guy, named Captain Britain, was a vicious stereotype. He was the half-brother of The Beefeater. Britain started to fight crime, but was killed by Jean Claude Van Dame, only to be brought back to life by a magical version of Will Ferrell. Other guys started to appear, like the Swamp Thing and John Constantine. Also, V for Vocabulary started to cause chaos in England.

edit Marvelman...Miracleman...Who Fuckin Cares

Then all fucking hell broke loose. Some guy called Marvelman...or Miracleman...or whatever appears and shit happens. He fights his little sex driven fiendish sidekick Kid Marvelman...or Kid Miracleman...whatever who gives a fuck...and kills him. The Marvel/Miracleman then takes over England, which I don't understand why.

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